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This straightforward but customizable sportsbook is exactly what a veteran bettor would expect from a place to win money. At the same time, Marathonbet is an ideal spot for those just now getting into the sports betting niche. This brand takes the guesswork out of the equation and presents exactly what you’re after – thousands of sporting events from around the world, extremely popular features like toto and in-play betting, and a great reputation from players and experts alike. Here’s everything you need to know before getting started:

Marathonbet Review

When you’ve remained one of the most popular sportsbooks and casinos on the planet since 1997, you must be something special. Think about it: people born 4 years after Marathonbet opened can legally bet at their casino in 2019. They’re older than some of their members! How many online casinos can make that claim? Better yet, how many sportsbooks have stayed open for over two decades? It’s an indication of Marathonbet’s unfaltering quality, a betting platform unafraid to stay on the cutting edge while also delivering the same familiar setup that bettors are used to. That way, you’re not met with anything unexpected when you’re trying to focus on winning money. And make no mistake, placing bets and winning money is all Marathonbet is about.

Security and Regulation

Marathonbet delivers a two-pronged approach to keeping their players protected. On the one hand, they employ 256 bit SSL encryption technology to keep all personal information, data, and finances safe and protected from any outside interference. They also provide recommendations and info for their members to keep an eye out for their own security. Every time you log in to your account, the time and IP address is recorded and can be quickly referenced anytime. That way, you know if anyone is using your login code without your knowledge, report it, and settle the dispute in a timely fashion. It’s a dual layer of security that ensures every player can rest easy at Marathonbet.

Mobile Apps

Marathonbet has its own betting app for both Android and iOS, which has a quick bet option, allows you to prioritize your favorite sports, and still has every event available for betting. They also have a site specifically optimized for your mobile devices, and that applies to both their sportsbook and the casino games. The mobile app is pretty exclusively for sports betting, while the mobile site has the whole package.

Sports Betting

The excitingly customizable platform makes Marathonbet ideal for any style of player. You can set the odds type, from decimal or fraction to American or Hong Kong styles and beyond. You can go from the classic view to the multi-markets to the Asian view seamlessly. You don’t have to see the price changes go one with blinks and colors while you play, but you also can! It’s completely up to you. You can even choose if clicking an event opens it up in a new tab or loads it on the same page. That’s a level of personalization you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

As for the events, you can find all the events and some of the most exciting action online. You can place toto bets and in-play bets. Feel free to place a bet online or by calling it on their live phone bets. You can construct multi-bets to increase your payouts dramatically. If there’s no action you want to get in on but you still want to bet on sports, you can also head to the virtual sports and bet club and international football, basketball, tennis, or horse and dog racing.

Marathonbet is one of the original homes of sports betting, and it continues to shine as a top choice of the market.

Casino: Range of Games and Other Features

For a website so dedicated to winning money on sporting events, the casino at Marathonbet is downright impressive. If you like to take a break from the sportsbook every now and again to spread your money out a bit, you have a countless number of choices. They have hundreds — if not over a thousand! — different slots to choose from, and they come in every conceivable theme and style. They also have 15 different software providers, including Microgaming, NetEnt, and QuickSpin, which provide both Slots and a slew of poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and other table games. You’ll also find instant win scratchers and other specialty games. Do you like to play the lottery? You can play Marathonbet’s in-house lotto too, from Bingo to Keno. The chances of winning are low, but the payouts are unbelievably high – just like your local lotto.

Opening an Account

To open an account, you need to click the “Join Now” button on the upper right side of the screen. There, you’re required to provide basic personal information for identify confirmation, like your name, address, and contact information. This is especially important in terms of linking up your preferred banking methods to your account, so be sure that everything is accurate when you type it in. Then, simply verify your account, and you’re good to go. Be sure to follow all the requested steps, because all of it is required before you can make a deposit or place a bet, much less win money. It’s basically the same process as any ecommerce website, so you won’t run into any surprises if you’ve ever online shopped before.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Marathonbet has some of the lowest minimum deposits and withdrawals that we’ve ever seen, which are made even more incredible by the fees: most of the payment methods don’t have any! While each country has their own available banking methods and currencies (that are far too numerous to list), we can safely claim that you can deposit just €1 and withdraw as little as €5. Obviously, most players deposit and withdraw more than this, but that’s a pretty remarkable amount of flexibility for an online sportsbook and casino. It’s not uncommon to see 100 USD withdrawal minimums, or small transaction fees for credit card deposits.

As for the banking methods themselves, it would be shocking if you can’t find your preferred method. From Visa and MasterCard to Skrill and Neteller to cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, the options are virtually endless.

VIP account

The loyalty program at Marathonbet is as straightforward as the rest of their offerings. When you join, you’re automatically a member of the Marathonbet Club, and you score a loyalty points for every £10 bet that’s place on odds at least 1.30. You climb to the next tier of the loyalty ladder depending on how many points you accumulate, starting with the first level, which requires 50 points. The third reqired 500, the fourth 1,000, and it goes up to the invite-only Elite level. Loyalty points can also be cashed in for free bets and other prizes, and they don’t expire unless they go unused for 11 months. But why would anyone sit on free money for that long?

Customer Support

The most ideal customer support lines are going to be dependent on where you’re located. For example, they have a Freephone 0800 number of UK residents, as well as an international number for players elsewhere. You can speak to one of their agents via chat, but you can only do so once you’re already a member, which isn’t great if you’re hoping to clarify anything before you make a deposit. Luckily, they have an email address as well. To find it all, simply go to their site and click “Contact Us” on multiple places throughout the Marathonbet platform. The customer support is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and extremely helpful, so don’t hesitate! We’ve had nothing but good experiences.

Promotions and Bonuses

You most likely won’t be wowed by the bonuses and the promotions at Marathonbet. If you’ve played at other sportsbooks or casinos, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen far better offers. But that likely is attributed to two key factors: the brand is simply a place to win money without many bells and whistles, and they have such an avid and growing following based on pure reputation alone, they don’t need to push outlandish bonus offers.

However, you will find some nice offerings in the casino section. There’s sure to be a seasonal promotion going on or coming up soon, and the established promotions are great for those willing to deal with rollover requirements. Remember: if you don’t use a bonus, you don’t have extra stipulations to worry about, and you can just withdraw your winnings when you’re paid.


When a business has been open for longer than some of its customers have been alive, it has to be a good sign. Such is the case with Marathonbet, a world-famous spot for betting on sports while also offering an enormous selection of casino games. They have the cross-compatibility that the modern day demands alongside the simplicity that made us all fall in love with the sportsbook in the first place. Give Marathonbet a try, and you’ll be immediately taken with the undisputed quality found within every mouse click (or tap of the screen). Enjoy!

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